A word from our senior staff

Message from Ayaka Ueno

Current Job Description

I am involved in the quality control work at the Nagasaki Plant.
Quality management is an activity important to producing safe and consistent products that satisfy our customers while being economically productive. It has becomes a department with strong connections to all Crispy tempura bits production processes, including raw materials standards management, product standard management, product physicochemical analysis, complaints correspondence, external response, new product development and other aspects.

Challenging work

We strive to detect and respond to abnormalities in production as early as possible through the development of storage baseline tests and scientific analysis time reduction methods in order to deliver safe and secure crsipy tempura bits to our customers.
In addition, we are constantly developing, promoting, and getting feedback on new products.

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Reason for Joining

I was interested in field of food quality control before joining the company. I was informed that the company manufactures and ships Crispy tempura bits from Nagasaki prefecture in Kyushu to the whole country, and I was informed at the interview that I could also be involved in developing new products.

A Message to Potential Applicants

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At the Nagasaki factory, we produce Crispy tempura bits safely and securely, with every grain being carefully prepared. The quality control group offers the opportunity for customer satisfaction through contact, as well as a series of trials to incorporate customer's requests for new products. It is a department that is very challenging and equally rewarding. Let's make safe, consistent, and delicious Crispy tempura bits together.

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