A word from our senior staff

Message from Kohei Tanaka

Current Job Description

I belong to the weighing and packaging group.
My main duties include controlling the machines used for weighing, filling and packaging the Crispy tempura bits to be sold in stores and supermarkets.
We are constantly calibrating the machines so that production can be as stable as possible. We always strive to make the safest and consistent Crispy tempura bits.

Challenging work

Improvement activities are our most important challenge.
Through use of the Japanese 5S methodology, we manage the positioning of items, visualize it, eliminate unnecessary movements, and aim for higher production efficiency.
We have set a long-term plan within the group and are striving to reach our goal every day with the aim of zero inefficiencies.

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Reason for Joining

I saw the opportunity at a recruitment agency and decided to join the company, as an acquaintance had worked there before. I am also interested in machine operation, and it was one of the main reasons I wanted the new experience.

A Message to Potential Applicants

A Message to Potential Applicants_image

Our group comprised of members in their thirties and forties, so we understand the importance of doing our best to make safe and secure products every day. Although everyone has different preferences when it comes to the topic of food, we can say with confidence that the Crispy tempura bits we offer are safe.
Let's make Japan's best Crispy tempura bits together, and continue to aim even higher!

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