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Message from Kenshiro Matsuzoe

Current Job Description

In the weighing and packaging group, we package of household commercial products.
For the Crispy tempura bits which are commonly displayed and to customers on supermarket shelves, the packaged product ranges from 3g~140g. For our business customers such as restaurants, wholesalers, and factories, our product is sold in ranges of 500g to 10kg.
Our main duties involve the selection process for the raw ingredients, inspecting for contaminents, foreign matter, and other undesireable elements. We make sure the final packaged Crispy tempura bits are properly bagged, with a final pass of X-ray inspection to prevent metal contamination as well as weighting and visual inspection. Only after all of our stringent safety inspections can our product be boxed for shipping.
The safety measures are important so that our customers can be confident in the integrity of our product. Our group also conducts analysis during each step of production, such as equipment operation, process monitoring, and in-process inspection control.

Challenging work

Every day, our challenge is to think about how to provide customers with a safe, secure and fresh batch of Crispy tempura bits, by adjusting equipment and managing each process one-by-one. It is that daily discipline that provides confidence in our proudct. Each step in the process is important, and it feels rewarding when everything comes together to result in a safe and consistent product.

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A Message to Potential Applicants

A Message to Potential Applicants_image

In the weighing and packaging group, each employee has important daily responsibilities. Consider joining a close knit team, and form the discipline to make safe and consistent products.
Let's be confident together in delivering a delicious product!

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