Production flow

Introducing our production flow

Nagasaki factory

Our factory in Nagasaki, the world's first ISO-certified tenkasu factory, where always assured are world-class safety and quality.

Nagasaki factory

Our factory

Our factory_image

Here is our factory.
It may look like a warehouse, but it is a here where our tenkasu is safely produced and securely packaged.

Preparation - Mixing - Filtering

Carefully selected flower and seasonings are placed in cold water, then stirred.
The mixture is then put through a filter for the removal of unwanted particles.

Preparation - Mixing - Filtering_image



Stirring tempura bits dough into canola oil heated to 160℃. Fry for 2 minutes.

Oil separation and cooling

Strain excess oil from the Crispy tempura bits with a centrifuge, and then cool.

Oil separation and cooling_image

Large particle removal - Metal detection - Visual screening

Large particle removal - Metal detection - Visual screening_image

Unusually sized bit removal, metal detection, and removal of burnt particles and oil via visual screening.

Packaging - Nitrogen insertion - Preservation- Shipping

Automatic weighing - Nitrogen gas injection - X-ray inspection and packaging - Metallic particle inspection and packing - Storage - Shipping

Packaging - Nitrogen insertion - Preservation- Shipping_image
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