Company Information

Greetings from Nakagawa Co., Ltd.

Founded in Osaka city, formerly known as Naniwa, we have served our patrons our food products for over half a century.
We have experienced the many changing trends throughout our time in the industry. We know that the food industry will continue to evolve, and we will adapt along with it.
We also strive for innovation in our daily operations, with a customer-first approach and a focus on safety and consistency of our product.
As a manufacturer of Crispy tempura bits, our primary goal is to ensure safety and peace of mind in our customers. To that aim, we have acquired ISO 9001: HACCP certification, a first for a Crispy tempura bits manufacturer.
In April of 2018, we also received GFSI approved FSSC 22000 certification.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions about our certifications, or any other questions you may have about our company.
With the duty to uphold the food culture cultivated in Kansai, I hope to continue moving forward with you into the future of our business.
I thank you all for your continued support. Representative Director
Yuji Nakagawa

Quality and Food Safety Policy

1. Basic Principles

As a Crispy tempura bits manufacturing company, we pledge to always operate with a customer-first approach to earn their trust.
Our continuing mission is for customer satisfaction through the safest and most reliable products.

2. Policy for Quality

Our three commitments to quality:

  • Commitment 1:
    To take the proper quality measures in order to provide a safe product that our customers can be confident in.
  • Commitment 2:
    To constantly take feedback from our customers to provide them with a product that meets their needs.
  • Commitment 3:
    To embrace opportunities and change, and to take on challenges with a team of employees full of creativity and ingenuity. We will continue to be flexible and committed.

3. Action Targets

  • ① We will set quality targets with customer safety and security at the forefront, and strive to achieve our goals as a united company.
  • ② We will actively strengthen communication with our customers, while constantly focusing on their needs.
  • ③ We will strive for awareness of challenges we face.
  • ④ In order to adapt to changing trends, we shall strive to be mindful of the evolving external business environment.

Representative Director
Yuji Nakagawa

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