A word from our senior staff

Message from Wataru Oshima

Current Job Description

We are involved in facility maintenance work at Nakagawa Nagasaki Plant.
Our duties at the Facility Maintenance Division include hardware inspection, maintenance, overhauling, calibration, accident response (response, repair, improvement) and other standard maintenance.
We also handle new hardware installation, including machine inventory management through selecting equipment that meets the requirements of use, negotiating with manufacturers, verifying layout, and verifying the installed equipment.

Challenging work

We strive to make the most delicious Crispy tempura while also making sure they are safe and consistent.
Although we are not in a department directly involved in production, we are tasked with keeping the hardware in working order. When equipment problems occur, product quality may suffer as well as raise the possibility of occupational hazards to the employees at the Nagasaki factory. Our mission is to stay on top of equipment maintenance so that our plant is as safe and secure as possible.

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Reason for Joining

I love to make things, and I am particularly interested in the food manufacturing industry. In joining the Nakagawa team, I was able to combine and strengthen my two interests.
When I joined the company, I was assigned to the manufacturing management department working on the manufacturing process of Crispy tempura bits.
It has been ten years since then, and I am currently assigned in a Facility Maintenance Division senior position.

A Message to Potential Applicants

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Even if your knowledge and experience in equipment maintenance is lacking, Nakagawa is a company where on the job training, useful work, and off-hours training can happen at the same time. Nakagawa is a company where you can expand your knowledge and improve your skills.

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