A word from our senior staff

Message from Shingo Nakakita

Current Job Description

Since 2017, I have been tasked with product sales throughout western Japan. I interface with mass-retail based establishments such as department stores and supermarkets, where customers can find our products on shelves. I also deal in sales to noodle and takoyaki restaurants, where Crispy tempura bits are sold by the kilogram and used in a variety of dishes.
We also hold wide-ranging negotiations of sales to factories, trading companies, and other mass-merchandisers. The topics of negotiation often range from product diversity, marketing, to customer requests and feedback. One-on-one or with an audience, we are always happy to find a way to do as much business as possible.

Challenging work

I feel the work of making people happy is challenging and rewarding. Every day at work, I am able to meet a variety of people that I have the opportunity to develop a business relationship with. I am able to experience a variety of goods, proposals, introductions, and ideas. I am greateful to be able to form such connections.
I am also able to meet the customers that enjoy our Crispy tempura bits, and gain a better picture of our market. I am constantly challenged to do my part to improve our product, and maybe move our industry forward.

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Reason for Joining

After the Lehman shock in 2008, I was in the position of job hunting during the global financial crisis. There was a company briefing by Nakagawa Co., Ltd. in the employment division of my school. They presented that their Crispy tempura bits production volume was ranked first in the country. It seemed like it would be hard work, but I felt that it would be a great opportunity for self-growth to work for the company.
I was also able to speak with the company president in various interviews during the interview process. I was able to ask questions about my prospective duties, working conditions, and management philosophy. I learned about the company's emphasis on care and honesty, and the image of the company what it stood for became clear to me. When I got the job, I realized times of great enjoyment and great challenges. I am surrounded by a team who provides an enormous amount of support, and together, we work on a daily basis to surmount all challenges we face.

A Message to Potential Applicants

A Message to Potential Applicants_image

When I was job hunting during the financial crisis, it took me almost a year to get a response. I think that job hunting is a very important step in everyone's life. Be patient, never give up, and always give it your best. By following that philosophy, you will surely find a company where you belong, and where your potential can best be utilized.

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